Sunday, March 6, 2011


Just finished a nice movie today. 
It is indeed a meaningful and worth to watch movie. 

The story is talking about how one good looking and arrogant guy deal with the life after he has been cursed by a witch to be someone who is super & duper ugly
I'm not really like the actor or actress
it's just too fairytale
but what I find this movie is meaningful is that
it makes me more affirm about love 
love doesn't just about the looks
is about how sincere the person is
how he care about you
how he look at you
some guys probably have reached some consent about girl is materialistic
everything we want is about expensive branded stuff, diamond and money
definitely not
don't judge a girl like every girl is the same in the world
love is really a damn cool thing
it makes people changed about the other one
no matter how ugly they are
in their love one's eyes
they're still the most beautiful person in the world
I wonder how love happens
Yes, I'd fell in someone before
I know he's not handsome at all
but somehow my eyes just can't take off from him 
I wish I could met love once again next time
this is a great movie
makes my tears almost dropped T.T
luckily hold it tight enough
if not it's just too embarrassing 

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