Friday, March 11, 2011


Thousand words in mind
and I don't know how to express out
I watched a video from fb today
and my tear can't help but dropping out
everyday there are a lot of people dying because of starving 
and we are in a situation where food is excessive enough for us to waste
some people may feel sad when watching the video
but they are still not realizing it
I cannot stand on people who crazily about branded stuff
keep showing off and still proud of what they are doing
sorry to say that 
for me you are just brainless
it's okay for us to buy necessary thing to use
but if you affordable for those expensive stuff 
why don't you save some for more meaningful usage
imagine how many people out there do not have proper food to eat everyday
they don't even have clean water to drink and shower
they lying on the ground because they are too weak to move
they died because of starving
and we 
still wasting our food 
wasting our resources
take it for granted
if you are the one that who always have a lot of left-over
don't ever appear in front of me
don't ask me for dinner
deep down inside my heart 
look down on you

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