Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 2: My favourite movie

It's time to blog about my favourite movie. Well, I was thinking about some fairytale movie like Tangled where recently I have been addicted with. But, I think this will suit the title the best.

"The Blind Side"
This is a very very amazing movie. Inspiring and touching. I have a movie class the other day and my lecturer asked us to bring whatever movie we like, and I have bring this one. I was still worrying whether they will pick mine or not but luckily I am the only who bring the movie. LOL.

So, we watched the movie.
OMG, my tears nearly dropped again, I'm kinda good in holding tears in public but not in my room when I'm alone. Who cares, nobody saw it! :p This is the second time I watched it, and it is still blowing me away. I can feel the whole class is paying attention at the screen, I can guarantee that no one was sleeping during that time although with the light off. I am not gonna tell you what is the story line, you watched yourself, I assure you, no regrets.

Just some little sharing in my thought. I always believed that everything that we'd done, everything that we gone through, every up and low, were always meant to be. We meant to be in love, we meant to be family, we meant to be friend. Although there is destiny on everything, but we do have the power to change it. It's all depends on you. Though the guy in the story is lucky enough that met someone that changed his life, it's the other way round actually, he is the one changing her life.

Like I always said: Change it if you don't like the people around you, if you cannot change everything, then change your attitude.

Share with me if you ever watched it. For those who haven't watch, it's time to download! =D

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