Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 3: My Perfect First Date

Perfect first date?
To be honest, I never think of any perfect first date, I might be the girl that dream a lot, but perfect first date? It's a big NO. This is really not a good title for me. However, I still have to blog it, because it is my challenge. =)

I have dated with someone before. Yet, I wasn't feel like that is perfect date for me though I am happy that time.
Maybe a little candle around the beach, have some dinner and love talk with the love one?
No, it seems a little bit dull.
Maybe some movies after dinner?
No, that is too normal.
How about dine in a pretty high class restaurant, have some lovely musics, and flowers?
Lol, that is just not me.
Oh..I just remember it. I watched it from the Kores drama series.
There was one guy who likes a girl, secretly. He did not show up during the date, actually that wasn't a date, anyway, he was showing the girl direction through the phone because she was lost but he's actually following her behind secretly, telling her where to visit, and where she can get a nice food. The timing is good, of course, he was just behind her.

I like this scene a lot. Instead of hugs and kisses, I can feel the love more through this way. I have to admit, I am very old school girl. XD. Maybe you can do it with your love one, date is not necessary have to meet the person, holding hand together walking in the street. Play a little bit tricks on it, surprise your love one, and I believed it can leaves a lot of great memories for you both. =)

I am hoping someday I can have it too.


  1. issit from a scene in 原来是美男啊?i love thats scene as well..xD
    sure u can have one perfect date, it's just a matter of time...=)

  2. Yes. it's from that drame. love them a lot. =D