Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 5: A Picture of something I want to do before I die.

Aku nak kahwin! 
sounds like my friend
but seriously after thinking a while
actually I don't have anything that 'must do' before I die
except get married
I know it's funny for you 
but it's not funny at all for me
I am a very ordinary girl
just like every girl's dream
found a love one, get married, have a bunch of kids
and maybe live happily ever after
I said maybe la
I know those realities 
money always is the issues in one family
but sometimes it feels great if you keep yourself a dreamland
just dream anything you want and you like
I tried to not be ordinary girl before
Wanted to have a bigger dream
but I can't find any
those dreams seem like don't fit me at all
as people said
not to mention about marry
it is even hard to find the love one
of course
if you have one right now
appreciate it
if you don't have one
wait patiently
someday someone would appear and be the one for you
all you have to do is

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