Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 6: A photo of something you'd love to keep as a pet.

Yes, I would love to keep Pascal as a pet
I'd thought about that before
I have never had something as my pet
except dog
but you have to really take care of it
and it is just like your baby
feed them, bath them, look after them all the time
but the most important thing is
 it makes me worry all the time
cause I'm so scare they will died because of me
I some more worried whether it'll get too bored or not if I leave it there
so what about a chameleon
I don't really scare about this kind of creepy, cold and ugly creature
but I'm interested in the color he could turn out
it's so amazing that seeing something that could change color in its body
well, I know in fact it's only change two colors
anyway it's still awesome for me XD
I don't even need to always taking care of it
and it's not active at all
not to worry all the time whether it'll get bored or not
because it is bored naturally 
by the way
I'm just say for fun
I like Pascal more
he is so caring and thoughtful
wish I could have something that understand me
most importantly
it got so many colors to turn out
I find it kind of bored for me to blog something that I'm not interested
it is so stupid to take up the challenge
who create one? 
I wondered. 

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