Saturday, March 26, 2011

Did you all ever feel sorry about yourself? Like your life is such a mess and you don't want to admit it because of your self-esteem. I think I am right now. It's probably because I just had a pill and got a little bit dizzy in my head. But I realized most of the time I am doing really kind of stupid stuff. At first I wasn't thought that is stupid at all, at least I have something funny to tell other people and have a great laugh. Not until recently, after I have done so many 'memorable' things. I am not intentionally to being such forgetful, I just can't remember it. And every time I try to get myself off from trouble but it always causing me more.

Actually what I am saying is not a big deal, I just afraid one day this kind of behavior will affect me more in my life.

I started not feeling funny anymore.


  1. I may not be close to you to judge on what is written on here =) But all i can say is most of us been through the same phase before and i want you to know it's ok to feel lost because i seem to be always to myself, as much as how the outside world could think i am perfectly fine or think i am awesome. There wouldn't really be times you will think you are doing stupid stuff unless you are looking from someone else perspective and you care too much or simply you didn't plan before. All i would say is, it's totally all right on whatever is happening. It's ok to be foolish, childish or anything, because it's part of the early dawn, not you don't feel funny anymore, but i think it's funny because it's chouyueh who always smiles and it's not all right for her to frown. =) Get well.

    Crush =D

    p/s the only post in the blog which has no title. Apa la!

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment. I couldn't 100% sure who are you, but I can guess who you are. Maybe I'm wrong. But really thanks. =)