Saturday, March 5, 2011

Love my life

I love Friday night a lot. Although now it's already Saturday morning but I'm still enjoying it alone now. =)

Sometimes life is just that simple when you don't have to think about another things, you don't have to care what you have to do tomorrow, and everything will just be fine, if you do believe it, it would be really fine.

I reflecting what I gone through all these times, from a very silly girl that stepped in USM last 2 years until today a very independent girl that ready to accept every challenges in her life. I just love my life. I love my family, I love my friends, I love my bag, I love my shoes, I love the way I look even though I still facing allergic problem, I love my room, I love the hup seng biscuit, I love bread, I love my minor course and a lot more!

I still remember when I was secondary school, someone ask me to list out 10 things that I love in my life. I couldn't. I only know what I hate, I couldn't even list out 5 things that I love. I used to hate everything, I hate my family because always argue because of money, I hate my face always look very dark and not attracting at all, I hate my tooth, I hate my skin, I hate my clothes, I hate my hand, and etc. Fortunately it changed, and I really appreciate it'd changed before it is too late.

I started to feel grateful. I thank to everyone that help me, maybe I have did something that makes me look like I'm took for granted. No, it never was. I'm just like my father, I do not know how to express my feeling well enough. I wanted to say thousand thanks but it seems like more not sincere and fake. So I do by action which I will show I really appreciate what you have done to me.

One says : Tell me you love the world until you really see the world.

We all realized how ugly is the world outside. So I'm practicing myself everyday to see the good side from everyone and everything. You can don't like them, but don't hate them. You can hate them, but don't keep it in heart, remember to wipe it away after you have the thought like this. I know it is hard but practice makes perfect. =)

Sorry I have to tell the world again.

I god damn love my life. =D

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