Friday, March 25, 2011

This is my day

I had a cold this morning 
 it got better after the pill
out to the town
but the sky is raining 
still insisted myself
along the way
I listened to the music
feel like returned to the 80's
the bell rang 
 got down from the bus
standing in front of tonnes of books
the eyes goes one after one
still can't find any
'Letters to Juliet' 
want to have one so much
sitting down in the coach
with another book in hand
wish I could write like the writer
walking around the mall
it's already 530pm
it's time to go 
along the way 
 listened to the same song
over and over again
reached the house already 630pm
met some friends
dinner was great 
after that
 back to the same place

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