Monday, April 4, 2011


it's quite some time since last blog
I had an exhausted week
but luckily the week ended happily
I went to popular clearance fair the other day
it is so cheap and I don't feel like going out from popular at all
I did not read much yet I like to see books
especially when they are well organized in the bookshelf
I like books smell
the older the better
especially the books that have been turn out old yellow color
super like*
I bought a book

This book will be always remind me my travel dream
she is a girl that travel without using plane
and she managed to go to Egypt
that is really awesome
for a small girl like her
I tend to forget my travel dream
because the money I saved always used for the other stuff in the half way
so I think this will definitely always reminded me
and I read everyday before I off to my bed
to keep my dream on
I think it will come true soon

1 comment:

  1. i also got this book leh..she is so geng..i also hope i can be like her 1 day...=)