Friday, April 8, 2011

Last day.

I feel a great relief after my last class for my second semester. This semester has been good, and it's even better than any semester before. I hope the next and the next next sem will be awesomeness. =D

So what's up next to me? Wee..I'll be going back home tomorrow and this time I'm going to flight to LCCT and after that only take bus to back to my home. It's been quite some time I did not take flight, and yeah, this time will be alone too, by myself. Hope I didn't miss any procedures.

I am enjoying to be myself in everything, like taking bus, eating outside, shopping, and etc, alone. Sometimes it is quite bored because you don't have anyone be there talking with you all the times, but I guess I haven't found any comfortable ones to company me all the time. My principle was always let it be. I don't like to force people to do things that they don't like. So everything around me become quite spontaneous some time. Just follow your heart, life can be that simple isn't it?

I do want a company sometimes. When I shopping around, seeing some dress or do not dare enough to go in one shop I hope there's someone there for me. To push me a hand and ask me go have a try. When I eating alone, and when I cannot decide what to eat sometimes, I hope there's some one can make a suggestion for me even he knows I won't listen to him. When I taking bus by myself, I do scare some pickpocket or strangers that keep staring on me, I hope there's someone that could be there to protect me. At least, I am not scare all the time.

I believe in destiny. When he comes he'll show up. I'll wait. =)
And now, fighting for my exam!
I am going to score a lot, I promised. =D

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