Saturday, April 30, 2011

My 2nd Year.

Finally I got some mood to start and write.

I left one paper to go and after that I will end my 2nd year in Penang. Time flies isn't it? I only have one more year time left and then I'll be graduating. These two years has been a great turning point in my life, I wouldn't know how will I turned to if I never joined this organisation. Will I still be the same person like today? Well, no answer for that. I used to be a very picky and narrow minded person, everything that I seen, I look on their bad side and still try pretend to be a very kind hearted girl in front of the world. My world had been ugly and luckily it stopped on my 21st year of life.

It wouldn't be any changes if I'm not willing to change. That makes the point, wherever I am whatever I do, as long as I want to, nothing is impossible. Perhaps, I should thank myself or maybe I should thank the one that bring out the worst of me. It is just like everyone's first love, it came so fairytale and  beautifully but it ended unpredictably. I wasn't that bad but somehow I showed him the worst.

One said ' A love one could bring out the most beautiful part of you but also the worst. '

That is the time that I think I need to change. At first it was a purpose to hope to get back with him, to show how great I am now. But slowly, it turned out to the other, because I am enjoying to be such a person and I am moving on slowly, step by step. One could not be learnt so much thing in only one relationship, yet I did. Relationship doesn't just relationship, it means present and the future. I would easily to get together with another guy again if I was just think about the present.

My first love story line same goes to any of the girl in the world, you probably could get it just search it in the Google. Trust me, 8 out of 10 is same like I do.

Another thing that I slowly realized and understand about people. What my friend said was right, she said : There are only 3 type of people in this world, 1) You realized your problem but you do not want to solved it. 2) You don't even know where is your problem. 3) You realized your problem and find a solution for it. I find there are a lot of people resorted to option1, you can find a lot of excuses not to solve it, no time la, no money la, no asset la and etc. Tell you what, the only one excuses that explained all, just simply because you don't have the heart to do it. For option2, I feel so sorry that you don't even know the problem existed inside you. And lastly option3, people who realized their weakness and always find a solution to cope with it. This is the category that I always admired the most. =)

Well, I have 4months breaks, and yeah, I will spend it in my hometown, not going anywhere. I have lots of to-do list. I hope it's a meaningful semester break.

Life has always been a learning process, what's the point if you only know but not applying it?