Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nothing is impossible.

I am going to have my major paper tomorrow. As I said, I am going to score a lot, that is why I haven't had any time to update the blog yet. Besides that, suddenly a bunch of work crashes down, and I am not a multi task person yet I am handling it well. =)

I can see that this exam period I did not spend a lot of time on study because I have meeting all the time, and some more interns are coming in, they are nice and fine, feeling a bit guilty cause I did not servicing well due to the examination. But but but, I feel myself more focus and steady when handling exam, at least I did not freak out but stay confident. Because I believe I can scored.

I have a friend who always has a lot of hope on everything, even though he knows that the result might not turn out as what he expected. Still, he insisted the dream and he hope for it. I am impressed, by the attitude, and how he handled the feeling of disappointment. Before I do not know, confident can be such important in life. We should be confident on everything we do, if we afraid of disappointment we will never step out our comfort zone, accept the challenges, we will never know how's the feeling of satisfaction. No matter it is success or not, we tried, we disappointed, but we gained experience and we do better next time.

Honestly, by doing all the work in AIESEC, it is out of my comfort zone. I get mad because it makes me don't have enough time to study. I am scare what if I couldn't convince the TNC to give us a low rate of accommodation fees. I feel it is so unfair, why the busiest period is right on my exam period and while other people can fully focus on their study. I do not like to do such things at all, but I, accept the challenge anyway.

I want to prove it. Why do people can be successful while they also have 24hours a day same as I do. If I keep finding excuses and refuse to accept the challenge, I am just standing and spinning around at the same point. I will never achieved a great height, I will never have a turning point in my life.

You just have to believe, nothing is impossible.

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