Sunday, May 22, 2011

I've found my dream.

Hey guess what, for all these time, I've been groaning and whining about my no-dream life. And I think I found one today, perhaps, it started long time ago just I didn't realized it.

Writer for fashion magazines or any place that for me to write. Of course, I know my level of writing, I don't have sufficient vocabulary, sometimes it sound grammatically wrong too. But I'll get improved, I promised because I have found my dream.

Well, I still have another dreams too and it rank before the writer dreams. It's flight attendant. It was a dream of mine before, but due to my study I couldn't apply one and after that I've forgotten about it. But recently, seeing one of my flight attendant friend was sending to Emirates, Dubai months before, I see the hope. She can do it, why can't I? I just need a little bit slimmer, so must control the weight start from now. =D

Life should be full of hopes.
I have dreams now, and as my quote said: Nothing is impossible.=)

Do you have dream?
If you have one, I believed you can do it too.

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