Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mario Maurer

I can't help but fall for him
he's everybody type
cute & handsome
You know when I start crazy about one person 
I'll search for a value about him
is his good looking is the only one reason that I crazily about?
I think everyone know that handsome guy tend to be arrogant in their real life
they are playboy because they have beautiful face
but I can't imagine how arrogant can he be? 
I watched his real show in the TV before once and he's super humble
not like Jay Chou, keep want to be a cool guy and fooling people around with his magic
But Mario Maurer is real humble and super cute
maybe I don't know about him in the reality 
maybe this is the image that he wants to create for everyone
but at least he succeeded
I think this is the men that even men themselves will fall for him
I wonder how he feels to have such pretty face
will he be narcissism? 
I'll not be surprise if he is
because even I myself keep looking at his picture
not to mention the real one
I know I'm kind of obsessed
but he's just too perfect!  

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