Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Finally I have completed my work and indeed it is released but it is a sign of another busy life begin too. My appoinment is almost full untl next week and the worst thing is that my lappie spoiled. Fml.

It is such a short 3 weeks, and I don't know why I have crush on people again. I hope it wasn't a crush because I am attracted by his attitute and politeness though he is not mature at all. But he is a real gentlemen.

I have a great instinct on how people act actually, I know when they are act sincerely or not, I know how they act if they just wanted to please me. Sometimes I just smile because I appreciate their effort and I hate it because they only good to people they like but not equally. On contrary, the people that surprise me is those who act naturally, they don't pretend how good they are, they just be who they are.

The gentlemen I met today will never be a reality although I hope I can be his lady too.:p

may our fate continue on some day in the future.=)

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