Friday, August 19, 2011

Being an adult.

When I drove back home today, I caught myself giving a signal to a motorist by waving my hand.
It was damn natural and smooth. =D
I used to be awkward when I need to give signal to other drivers by waving my hand or just simply nodded my head to a house guard. It also very embarrassing that I got very excited when I met my friend on the road, and keep waving and wide smiling at them. -____-
It is a signal of being an adult isn't it? What's the feeling of being an adult?
Honestly, it's terribly terrifying.

Being an adult, we really couldn't always follow our heart anymore.
When we were kids, we can hate anyone by just saying I don't want to friend with you anymore, then it's done. When we met someone annoying, no matter they are same age with us or elder, we can simply just don't want answer their question or even talk back to them without bothering their feelings.
Yes, we don't care about what others feel, we just care about ourselves.
Because we're kid!

I always regret what I've been treating to my family, I can be very rude. Like you can't imagine.
Sometimes I feel so sorry that I don't know how to change it and still keep doing that, because I really don't know how to get it right. I wish I can be like other happy families, treating their parents like friends.
I just can't. But I've been trying, really hard.

I still believed I've changed my attitude a little or more after these time.
I know whether life get tougher or easier, tomorrow comes with lots more uncertainties and challenges.
We don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, probably it could be worse than today, there's nothing we can do but one thing, embrace it with a braver heart and believe you can do it.

Always keep yourself a positive attitude is the best solution after all. =)

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