Thursday, August 18, 2011


It's time to blog about my friends, it's been ages since last gathering.
I just miss the time we used to spend together at school, canteen and a lot of yamcha sessions.
But right now, we only meet each other once or twice a year.
They speak sarcastically, always shoot me whenever I say anything,
but I think that's why makes us as friend.
Not BFFs though, but we are friend for almost 10 years now. =)
 Jenessa, Ks, Evan, and Alyce 

 I have no idea why she closed her eye! ><
I dare to say she is super strong and independent! 
(recently transformed from Alice to Alyce) lol
We been talk a lot about work and future. 
And how's the situation of Malaysian as a foreign worker in Singapore. 
Alyce told me one of her worst job interview
it really makes me realized how important English are to us, is ALL of us
if we were English educated since we were little, we probably could refute it easily with the Chinese words that in our head
but sadly to say, it really takes time for us to think and translate to English
not to boost myself here, but since I start joining AIESEC 
my English has improved, at least it got better compare to high school when I sit for MUET (where I sweat a lot on the speaking test), 
but still, when I need to speak in a very quick way, I couldn't handle it
at times I just be quiet and let others do the talking
So right now, 'The Star' has been a very good companion for me
I buy it every morning before I go to work
spend some time read through the news and article
highlighted those words that I didn't know
Hopefully I will get better! 

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