Monday, August 29, 2011

undeniable truth

I do think a lot. But I don't speak it out. Sometimes I would just shut my mouth even if I feel so wronged and hurt; I could simply do the explanation or talk back to him/her that ever pissed me off.
Yet, I did not.

At times, I just let the feelings buried in the deepest of my heart. What would I get if I defend myself so hard while they already have their conclusion in their mind? Screaming and yelling doesn't make any effort that could show you how innocent you are. It will only spoiled your image and, your heart.

Perhaps, this is a very good time for me to learn and practice my impatient behavior. I used to think that I am not as hot temper as my bro are, but I think I might overtake him. Probably it has long been sprouting in my very young age, a little pull of the trigger would really drive me crazy. But no worries! I guess I handle it very well now, at least I hold it. :D

I've been been thinking a lot about future lately. What I want to be? What kind of life that I've been dreaming of? Where I want to get a kick start? I really have no idea. Perhaps I have it in my mind, it was just I want to keep it to myself, this is public anyway, regardless I only have few readers. I always reflecting my life, I always plan and plan but I keep it very flexible as I know life is full of uncertainties. This is one of the reason why I want to keep it to myself because if I were to tell all my life's plan here, probably someone would question or keep asking me a lot of WHYsss if my plan never happened.

Perhaps, I fear of disappointment. I had it too much in my childhood days. Family have a very huge influences on who you are today, and I always want to be a happy-go-lucky girl that can leave all worries behind. Well same thing again, it's all about money money money.
I seriously hate money; although I need it and everyone wants it. Even a 3-year-old child knows, money is not everything but you can't live without money.
Even most of you don't agree on this statement, but I have to admit that
'Money can buy happiness'.

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  1. After graduation, i learn 2 lessons in my life (hope it helps u)


    1. Be yourself
    2. Always choose what you love to do for the job

    ps: Maybe it seems like meaningless for u now, but after 1 year, u will understand.

    All the best