Friday, September 23, 2011

Convo's time.

"Finally we reached the day, where we would officially call as an adult."
Probably this is one of the conversation I will had in one year later.

I had attended my friends convocation today. The feeling was good. Can I describe it as a sense of achievement? An achievement of 3 years. All of us has bitter and sweet in our university times, because it was a process that been set, set to produce you as a better human today. Undeniably we all love university, despite it had made you a loser, it disappointing you, it made your bf/gf dumped you, it made you lonely, and so and so. But I always think that human has the ability that comes naturally from themselves, that they always know how to learn from experiences and mistakes, despite the fact that they do groan a lot. :D

It was only the beginning of my 3rd year of university life but I could sense the feeling of graduating. I can't wait to wear the purple robe, I can't wait for the moment to make my parents proud. =)

the @ers 
with yoke ying, my ex VP ;)
with Suzanne ;)
with Huimin, my pre-successor :)
meiling, linghong, kc, pengchuan were posting: I'm finally graduated! 
I wonder is this the face of graduating? @@
Yes, McD again. A place with lots of memories with my ex team mates. ;)
I got a little bit rounded with short hair  
but I had lost some weight already :(
We were playing truth or dare. Apparently the fella in the nice suit do not have the guts! :p
Spin me. :)
Posting somebody post, I wonder why Christine (the girl in black shirt) always do this 'so lady' post. 
Linghong never failed to make the picture so memorial!  
with Jessica Loi, an amazing girl with her cute dimple smile x)
We were waiting someone with the roses!
The roses was for him, KY. A guy that has super great shape and always speak professionally. ;) 

Yoke ying n KY. 

Well, one year is indeed really short. But it's a tough journey for me in some way. Mentally prepare was ready, hopefully it will be another great year for me. :)

Happy convocation everyone!! 

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