Tuesday, September 20, 2011



Finally I back to Penang, back to school. I should learn how to update my blog more often, but unfortunately, I never learnt! :p I really salute to those blogger that could update their blogs almost everyday, sometimes I even lazy to open my laptop. And right now I am so lazy to start everything, my works, fyp, reading and etc. I think almost everyone has the same feeling as I do.

4 months holiday is too long and it changed people, like me. I finally cut my hair into short. I have long hair for almost 10 years, not too long but it's not short too! Seriously I do take a lot of thinking and consideration, I even keep imagining how will I look in short hair. It was 10 years ago since last I had a short hair. But no regrets! It's true, I'm no longer like my long hair either. I used to have very smooth and nice hair, and dreaming to keep it to waist length, but sadly to say that, it never reached.

I always thought short hair is a disaster for me, and I will never and ever cut my hair off. And man always love long hair girl isn't it? Well, not every guy love it but at least most of it. I'm kind of afraid I will not met my Mr. Right. I am afraid if one day I got my hair messed up or I turn up to be fat girl or I wear the wrong dress then I would missed my Mr. Right. I always keep myself in shape, in pretty condition. I do not dare to try anything else as I am afraid I will turn to be someone very scary. But I clearer than anyone else that, true love doesn't care, at all.

Perhaps I am kind of anxious huh, although I'm pretty enjoying to be single but I know nothing happier than met the right one.
" 为了遇见对的人, 我每天都那么开心着 "
It never failed to make me happy. =)

Share some picture when I cut off my hair that day, it worth to be memorized. x)


Dah da! Waiting for rebonding. 
Now it even shorter! :p

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