Monday, October 17, 2011

Exploring the planet.

I went to town to buy some books on Friday.
It was only Q and I.
It was really fun and I promise, I will exploring more about Penang before I graduated. =)

We went out at around 1230pm, and we reached Komtar at 115pm.
Our first destination was actually the secondhand book store, but we were hungry so Q has a better idea on where we should lunch.
It was such a hot weather, but it didn't stopping us to move on. x)

 Saw some heritage places along the way. This is the Syed Alatas Mansion. 

SunYat Sen Heritage Trail. 

Pearl gallery. We didn't manage to get in because it wasn't free of charge. :p 

Straits Heritage

Finally we reached. The Amelie's cafe. 

Do you know what is this? It was actually the menu. How creative. x) 

We only managed to capture the drawings around us because NO photography allowed. :( 

Snap stealthily and carefully. The places was actually decorated with a lot of old stuff, for example the table we used, it was the type of wood table we used in primary school. Remember? The one we used to carve our name or scribble with the liquid paper? What a nice memories x) 

Today special! I forgot the name but I remember the price, it was RM19 per plate and it taste really nice. :) 

This is the one I ordered. Somehow I think the environment have change the taste become better, you definitely will fall in love with it! 

Heading to secondhand bookstore. 

Catch this scene in the half way. I call it jewelry street because you can see a lot of  jewelry shops along the street, all golden shinny. 

Does it looks like 70's? 

Campbell House. What a nice place, I bet I'll come to stay here next time. 

We reached the bookstore finally. Hell lot of books. I got very excited when I saw books, I don't really like to read, but I like to collect it. 

It's Shakespeare! But sorry, I don't know how to read old English. :p 

Waiting for the bus to go back USM. :) 

What a super nice outings. Although it was just 4 hours, it is more than enough already. I got tired easily if I spend too much time on outside, I'll be looking like a dead fish if I were to play until night. 

See I'm still very refreshing. Haha
Definitely wanna explore more next time! 
Penang is such a beautiful place. 

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