Saturday, October 29, 2011

Things we pursue in life.

There are many things that we pursue in our life.
Everyone has their own roles and rules to live in this world.
We have different objectives.
And this is how I sort the things out.

1.     We pursue a better grade in our study. Grade inevitably has become a very superficial yet vital objective in our life. Every day we work hard in our study, we burnt out the mid night oil and stay up until morning, in order to finish our assignment or the chapters that going to test on. Some people may ask: Why grade is so important to us? Some may even answer: Because it guarantees us a better job and life in the future. The answer doesn’t really seem right, but it’s not wrong too. Some may even say grade is not everything. But grade is everything when it appeared on your job application or resume. It is a door of opportunity, to open the rest of the windows of your life. But I’ll say, grade can guarantee you a job, but not a better life. 

2.     We pursuit love. Love is all we need, isn’t it? People cannot live without love, even when you were born, your parents need love to produce you. Well, although not everyone but at least most of us. At first, we have love from our parents, the never ending love. Second, we have the very first LOVE in our life, the short one. And after that, we wait for the right one to come. The so called forever love. The life cycle going on and on every generation. We born with love, we fall in love; we got married and we grow old together. This may sound simple, I may have ignored all those trivial stuff that matter the most. But I guess this is the simplest thing we want isn’t it? Yet, the simpler thing we want, the harder we get.

3.    We pursue brands. Brands have influenced us so much that even we ourselves couldn’t help but fall for it. It deem like a definition of what you want to show people on the street. Or may it be also as simple as you just love the quality that can last long and provide you a more comfortable/ convenient usage. But we living in a very truly competitive world nowadays, we have new comers and goners every day. We can’t blindly pursue everything that the world’s order, and gained that little satisfaction from your friend that who doesn’t has it. Then you may sound a little bit shallow. Be truly humble in yourself. Brands is just part of us, don’t let people brand us that way.

4.   We pursue a successful life. What is the definition of successful? A better house, a better car, a happy family, and a successful career? Different people would give a different answer. The answer get from the dictionary was ‘having achieved an aim or purpose’. Do you really realize what you want in your life? Not many of us really know what ourselves want, our aims change constantly from every stages of our life, and we change so fast that success moving away day by day at the same time. How we wish everything could be perfect to us. But later I realized success is not how much figure you have in your account, success is not how powerful you are, success is not how famous you have. ‘Success is waking up in the morning, so excited about what you have to do that you literally fly out the door. Success is how you love working with people. Success is connecting the world and making people feel. Success is fall asleep at night knowing you did the best job you could. Success is joy, freedom and friendship. And success is love. – Anonymous’

There are lots more things we pursue for - dreams, fame, happiness and etc.
I always ask myself what I really want for my life.
I used to fancy brands, I used to study hard(I mean really hard), I used to wonder where is my happiness.
But soon I realized that, how great is the feeling that live no regrets.
It's like when you fall asleep at night, you asked yourself, have you done your best today?
The answer will always leave you with a sweet dream. :)  


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