Monday, February 27, 2012

Worth Journey to KL.

I went to KL last Friday for a workshop on Saturday. It was definitely a worth journey although it was pretty long, it took almost 6hours and by the time we reached KL it was already 1130pm. And Ben was told that the bus will stopped at Duta which we eventually end up at Pudu. (#1First lie) And Ben's place was in Sg. Buloh which is damn far away. 

So we looked for a taxi, Ben found a driver who owned a blue color taxi. By the time I saw the color, it was already too late then I shouted in my head: "This is going to be VERY expensive!" We asked about the rate and the driver said: " xde, 20 sen sahaja. " We agreed and we got into the taxi. I caught one of the conversation of Ben and the driver and the rest of us sitting behind, listening. 

Ben: " Ada satu kali balik dari Duta, RM50++, BANYAK mahal!"
Driver: " Ke mana tu? "
Ben: "Sg. Buloh. "
Driver: " Sg. Buloh jauh lah tu, biasa RM80 lebih, tapi banyak orang x rugi lah. "
Ben: "...."

We all know that Ben was trying to hint him about our budget, and clearly the price shocked us to the max. And later we found out that the 20sen rate was every 250m, it jumped so fast that I really couldn't take off my eyes on it. And at the end, it cost us RM64.40 for half an hour journey. I had no idea whether if he did something on the meter, but sometimes I feel so unfair for someone do this just for the sake of money. Yet what can we do? Issue a complaint letter? But is it really necessary? C'mon, it just 60 something. I guess that's how everyone would think, it is not enough to be a reason for us to complain at all, and we also like to think we are generous and haggling over few bucks is just not our style. 

So that's why there are so many people out there rule the world by themselves. And the most important thing is, we don't realized our right to be a consumer at all. We hate it yet we ignored it too. I believe there are cases happened even worse than what I've been, and I do believe in karma, one day he will faced a double up loss more than he did to us. 

That was the first day. 

On the second day, we attended the P&G workshop at Surian Tower. 
P&G (Procter & Gamble) is a multinational corporation who manufactures a wide range of consumers good from household care to beauty products for instances: Downy, Head&Shoulder, Cascade, Pampers, Olay, SKII, Hugo Boss, D&B, Lacoste, Gucci and etc.  
This is Jac. Behind on the glass are those products that they have. Pretty nice huh? =]

P&G has a really nice office by the way, although I haven't visit others but environment of your workplace often plays an important factor on choosing company right? Well, I mean at least it is a bonus. And the HR manager actually allowed us to get anything we want in the pantry, so I have my coffee then before the workshop start because it is going to be a long day. 

The workshop was actually designed for last year student, AIESECer. I believed there are many people have stereotype thinking about this organisation, they often see us as a very busy organisation and we are pretty obsess with it. But you cannot say we are insane dancer just because you cannot hear the music. There are so much things that I've learnt in AIESEC that could benefits me for the rest of my life. It corrected my mindset, it tells me: Don't look down on anyone, everyone has hidden potential that unexplored. Don't look down on yourself, never try never know. It tells me: Look beyond the possibility, nothing is impossible. It tells me: Appreciation means everything, appreciate everyone effort no matter small or big. It tells me: Do not afraid of making mistake, no one will ever grow without making any at all. It tells me: Failure is one of the lesson to success. It tells me: Success and fail means nothing, the process, the people value the most. List goes on...

Perhaps these are the quotes that we always seen from internet, but this is truly what I experiment it by myself. It was just one and half year but I have experienced so many things. I cried for so many times that I just wanted to give up and have my normal uni life back, like everyone else, attend class, study, movies, shopping and I don't have to bother so many things. But I thank myself that I hadn't. And if my life were only study and outings, I would have wasted my uni life for learn nothing at all. I wish I can let everyone know about that, leadership is really fun and it will definitely helps you a lot in your future. 

After the whole intense workshop, at the end of wrapping up, the HR manager actually said something which I think is really true, AIESECer is definitely different from others. And that is why they hire people prioritize to those who has @ experience. Another reason being is that, they shared the same cultures as @ does as well. I am still contemplating whether to apply or not, but no harm of trying right? :)

After that, we went to SS2 to have our dinner. SS2 always sound familiar to me because my friends always talking about it a lot. Every time they mentioned, I was like: SS2 again? Yet I never been there still. -_-
And this time, I got the chance! Finally! And it was a pretty big hawker center, the food is still fine but just the portion is too much for me. And I suddenly thought of what my friend said, it is very different to eat at KL and Penang. Penang is a food paradise, you don't have to worry whether you will get yucky food because even it is bad but still acceptable. But eat in KL, you got to be careful, sometimes you will got the food that unpalatable dead. And I totally agreed. :]

My friend ordered Mango Rice which I think quite special although it was not the best one. 

We headed back to USM on the following day. 

Took this picture on the half way. 

I better kept more memories of the way from KL to Penang. I have traveled so many times out of 3 years, and now I left 3 more times then I'll be missing the journey. =)

There were something funny at the end of the day when the bus stop at Butterworth before Penang, Ben was told that  the bus will not stop at Butterworth but headed straight to Sg. Nibong. (#2 Seconnd lie) 

I was LOL! 

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