Thursday, February 23, 2012

The longest hiatus.

I guess this is the longest hiatus I took for writing a new post.

I always trying to post something, but there are too many things in my mind that I wish to share. I think I'll just take it slowly to recover the passion toward this blog. Passion is so important in life that it could motivates and keeps us continue doing what we love to do. I do found my passion toward reading and writing. It is really wasteful that I did not realized reading is such a good habit, and I spent my almost 20 years doing nothing and end up I have to strive harder today in order to improve myself. So regret seriously.

I won't give up anyway, it maybe hard to reach the standard but never try never know. I believed my passion will keep me doing this. Another thing that I truly believed is that, ' People don't buy what you are selling, people buy why you are selling', so do continue believing what you truly believed in, do not let others defeat your faith!

It's first week of my last semester! Really really want to appreciate everything in this last semester.
It's true right? People wouldn't started to be grateful and appreciative unless they nearly lose it.

I'm gonna fully utilize the rest of the time so that I wouldn't regret on things that I've never done during my uni life.

Cheers. x)

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