Monday, March 5, 2012

A day out with interns.

It's 642am now. How early is that? It's all because I slept at 8pm yesterday. What an amazing good night sleep. heehee

Anyway, finally I've done one of my to-do list in last Saturday, i.e. taking out the interns. Two of them come here not too long ago, and I thought perhaps I could take them out so that they can feel a little sense of belonging. I don't usually do that, because intern servicing is such an tiring job but I did enjoy it that day. :)

We went to Queensbay after we settled the internet and the leaking toilet at intern house. And it is so clean right now! Intern house is the place for intern to stay for their whole internship period, and it has been there like since forever. We have tried to clean it up once or twice, and it still end up messy and stinky after few weeks. When the last time I visited, the toilet have been left out there for like more than a decade, I thought there is someone inside so I knocked the door and after that when I open, I was like WTH, the smell! And the lamp had already spoilt, I couldn't see anything inside but it still smells suck. So I decided to call plumber.

Luckily the plumber was really nice, although changing the fluorescent lamp is not part of his job but he still helping us to change it without charge anything, hopefully he didn't, he could have bluff me because I know nothing at all about plumbing. Anyway, intern house had totally changed now. At least, it smells good. heehee

The interns are from Japan and Vietnam. I got to know so many things about Japan. We keep comparing the price between Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia. Well, this is what we usually do when chatting with interns, I've done this millions times. The Japanese guy are so special, I asked him will he travel to KL during his off day? Surprisingly he said no, because he lives in Tokyo and he spent almost 20 years around all of the building, why would he comes so far away and visit building again? That's so true. I mean if were I, I wouldn't do that as well. He also told me that he only loves Japan and Malaysia, Malaysia will always be in his top list.

I'm kind of shocked when he said that, because even I myself don't feel that way. Perhaps I've been living in here for too long, perhaps I should go see the world and then I would realized how good is Malaysia. :) And when we come to talk about his previous relationship, I am trying to guess how many relationship he had before. At first, I guessed 3, 5 and 10. Then he said 'No'. I thought he didn't understand my question, so I asked again.

'I mean how many relationship you had before?'
'Yeah, I get that. I understand!' he said that with his frustrating face.
'More...more than that.'
'No, I mean relationship! Not girl's friend.'
'Yeah, yeah. I understand your question. But it is more than that.' He started pissed off already. :p
'Ya, it's 30.'

We all showing him the unbelievable faces. He's only 20-year-old. Then I start joking with him 'You date since your kindergarten huh?' Perhaps, the definition of girl friend is different from all of us. Some may include one day girl friend as their relationship, some may only confess it if they had hold hand before. Or maybe he one leg few boats at the same time? Haha. Whatever it is, not really my business. By the way, he writes really nice Chinese also although he only speaks few.

We didn't manage to take picture together cause we went back early and I wasn't even plan to come out on that day as well, if not I could have wear nicer. Haha

Today is Monday! Happy working and study!  =)

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