Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dedicated to AIESEC in USM.

I wrote a little note to AIESEC in USM today. And I think it should be posted here too. x)

I don’t know why I’m making myself so tired, travel to different buildings everyday just to get all paper work and booking done. I double and triple checking everything to make sure I did not lose out any details and hope everything run smoothly. I am so surprise that I did not groan in my twitter at all, I usually do that to release my tension.

Their presentation still flashing in my mind, it’s like how I saw my phone soaked in the water yesterday, completely stunning! Perhaps for an outsider, it was just a simple five minutes presentation but for me, it is the inspiration. Their shaking hands, and trembling voice make me realized how much they care about this and make myself realized why am I doing all this as well.
I understand that everyone has different focus in their university life, study, relationship, money, work and etc. And you cannot blame me for too focusing on AIESEC, just like those who too focus on study and grade because you think it will helped in your future and same goes to me, because I think it will help to create my better future. But I think I wanna change it now, I think it will help me to create people’s better future.

I've never tell people how good AIESEC is, because it sounds so obsessive and I know it annoys people. And I've always refused to post any notes about AIESEC in my wall but I think I want to make an exception today.

I entered AIESEC with the hope that I wish to see a change in myself. I wish to be someone who always ready to speak in front, I wish to be someone that everyone look up to, I wish to be someone inspiring. But none of these goals realized, even until right now. I tried so hard sometimes it breaks me down, it makes me doubt myself why I never be the person I want to be? I look at my team, I wonder why am I here. Vice President sounds so fake to me.

‘Perhaps when one touched the bottom line and they will start bouncing back, just like a ball.’

I started realized maybe it was not what I meant to be, if trying hard did not work out, how about I just focus on what I am really good at? And I started bouncing back, I find my way and accept the fact that I can’t be the one who is always speaking in front and inspire people but perhaps I could be the one who make a little change on people’s life. I am flattered even just a little. J

So for all the candidates:

Yesterday’s home run didn’t win today games. No matter whether you have passed the VoC or not, keep the learning spirit, learn from the process instead of sticking yourself with the result.

Success or failure is just simple two words with seven letters. Nothing else.

Yueh Lee

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