Monday, March 19, 2012

Do little things every day for others.

Not too long ago, I started to realize that it’s so important to choose a friend. A friend could influence you in many ways, it not just a company when you are lonely but through daily conversation, approached, when you become so close with each other, it also reflects what type of person are you. I never picky on choosing friend or I should say I have no choice but to be friend with them. I wasn’t an independent girl like I am right now before, I always follow whatever people said and I thought my opinions are not important. But as I growing up, especially when entering the uni, I find it so hard to live every day on my own and that was the time that I learn how to be independent. Being independent doesn’t mean you are able to walk alone, eat alone or solve problem by yourself, but to have your own perceptions on things, be strong enough to voice it up and be able to make decision on your own. That’s how I grow when I am all by myself.

Being in a relationship either with friends or family, we should not take them for granted by simply throwing tantrums on them just because you know they will always beside you. A relationship should help people, not hurt people. Friendship is a platform for neither materialistic nor sarcasm talent, it should be a place where people find their courage when they are weak, find their cheers when they are sad, and share their happiness when there is joy. A true friendship shouldn’t be camouflaged; it should be from the heart. J

Be nice to everyone is one of my principles that I discovered on my second year in uni. I was an unfriendly person when facing with strangers back then, especially waiters/persons that work on service area. Perhaps I was still small and childish, I never say thank you when the food is served, and I would show my dissatisfaction toward their service face to face too if they served the wrong order. I couldn’t imagine how annoying I am! But fortunately I met someone who taught me this lesson. He is a person who always treat waiter very well regardless what their races are. It was really true about what he said, imagine yourself as the person who served instead, you work whole day long and met a lot of different customers every day. No one appreciate your work because they thought you deserved it, how'd you feel? But if we could, give a little bit appreciation each time by smiling at them and say thank you sincerely, that’d be their most satisfying moment ever. The funny thing is after that when I went back to work as a waitress at my hometown, I faced a lot of difficulty when dealing with customer, perhaps that’s my karma. :p

Relationship is not countable mathematic, it is not about how much you giving out and how much you gaining back. It never was. If relationship were to be in equally mathematic equation, then I would have failed in relationship long time ago. It always something that truly from the heart that makes you wanted to help people, wanted to be kind to others and never ask for return, solely because it makes you feel good and happy. It’s all about leaving legacy on everyone. I’ve never thought of the importance of leaving my own legacy to others, I thought legacy should be something that in terms of achievement or accomplishment that you have made and leave to others. But I was wrong. Even one word that you speak to one person today might make him remember it forever. That’s the meaning of legacy. 

‘Do little things every day for others, you can’t be everything for everyone, but you can be everything to few people.' Quote from Marc&Angel

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