Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gathering with Ex colleagues and Sing K!

Haikal is back to this little island. And finally we got a chance to gather one more time, the last time was..hmm..omg! Half year ago. O.O

I really like to hang out with them, because most of the time I'm in laugh-my-ass-off mode, they are a bunch of crazy and super funny people. I always think that there are some reasons that bring us together, our personality that suit each other the best and perhaps just like people said only the right person could bring out the best of you. And I am lucky I met some. :)

As usual, we have our gathering at McD. The place I visited the most during my 2nd year. I don't like McD at all, too fattening and oily but I don't mind to sacrifice a little for them. Hehe

Take 1 Look at Christine. 
Take 2 Look at her again. She forever with this pose in front of camera. =.=
KC forever posing in front of camera. lol!

Right after the dinner, we were heading back to our room but out of the sudden Christine was suggesting to go to sing K since we have not gather for so long and it is wasted to go back so early. Furthermore it is Sunday night! It's half price for lady! So we chill for a while at the so called open gym play ground to wait until 11pm. A very spontaneous decision, that's why I like them so much! :)

It was indeed a breezy night! :)
Me and LingHong. A bubbly and daring girl. She talks a lot and very straight, I likey! 

 JooiYing and forever sweet smiling in front of camera Christine
KC, super duper funny guy. I suppose it is a compliment. Hehe
Sherah's reading her SugarCube.
 Take a snatch piece of myself. :p

 After that, in the middle of singing, KC was playing around with his Iphone App, Ugly Meter. I was curious about how ugly am I on the meter, so he took a pic on me. And amazingly look! 
I scored ZERO! 
 Look at the description: You're so sexy astronauts want to explore uranus! 
What an exaggerate compliment. =.=
I was trying to pose very ugly face on the pic after that to see whether will I be able to score 10 but I failed.
When it was Sherah turn, she refused to take pic for few times but KC insisted and look again! She scored 10! OMG!
'Your face could turn milk into yogurt just by looking.'
 Look how evil the ugly meter, but anyway it was just an App, it doesn't mean anything at all. Sherah looks pretty after all, perhaps the angle was not right. :p

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