Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pictures Time!

Good day people. I have a truly awesome week. Everyday is like adventure into a new world, encounter special things and amazing people. Take a peek on the things that look ordinary, shifted your angle a little and you will discover the extraordinary about them.

 #1 It was already 742pm when I took this, still pretty bright right?

 #2 Honda founder. My family is a big fan of Honda, currently 4Hondas at home!

#3 KFC. You wouldn't know how many time his recipe got rejected. It was 1009! 

 #4 Huikey. She improved so much I nearly forgot the one who cry every time when talks about sentimental things.

 #5 You read the words or colours?

 #6 I feel beaches! Well, it was taken right outside my hostel. :p

#6 Once in a while, I need to stop and take a rest. :)

 #7 Temple. I seriously prayed to be able to get graduated. LOL!

 #8 The Power of your Subconscious Mind. I seldom read self-help book, but this book seriously amazed me on how subconscious mind play most of thought role in our mind. Recommended.

 #9 The cup that send by my Angel. I still using it everyday. p/s: Because I forgot to bring mine. :p

 #10 Old time candy. Oh..I miss my childhood.

#11 Mushroom Fried Noodle. The BEST Indian but Chinese taste fried noodle. 

 #12 I couldn't differentiate Naan and Tosei until I google it. =.=

#13 Missing 'NOT'! I nearly paste it at Intern House. Sorry I did a lot stupid things, it was one of my strength. x) 

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