Monday, March 26, 2012

To be or not to be, it's depend on you.

To be or not to be, it's depend on you. 

Having a dream but do not brave enough to dream is like a fish dreaming to live in the ground but never attempted to jump up and see the real world because everyone is telling him, it is impossible for a fish to live in the ground so he believed it. And spend his whole life believing that he has an idiot dream and never dare to dream again. Isn't the same thing that we faced when we were small? When I was in primary school, my dream was to become an artist, a drawer. I'm pretty good in drawing, well, it was the assumption given to me by everyone, so I thought perhaps I can. But after years of pursuing, I finally took part in drawing competition but I lose. Then I gave up because I don't think I can draw any better. 

I'm kind of regret for giving up because I thought if there were someone who tell me to not giving up and believe I can, I might be really excel in it today. Although there was no one telling me I can't, but neither did anyone telling I can too. There are no idiot or stupid dream, the first thing you got to believe in is that, you yourself. It is people's right to choose to laugh and tease at your dream, but it is your choice whether to persist on your dream as well.   Honestly, I never imagined myself to be dream come true because I thought imagination is so unrealistic and it did not helped at all, I'd rather make it into action. But then one day, I tried. You know what? It helped. It is a sense of motivation to boost up your spirit toward your goal, and according to the psychologist, put yourself into that dreamland every night prior to sleep, it will slowly sipped into your subconscious mind and become a faith that you believe in. Sound magic huh? But it's scientific proven. Go check it out if you'd like to. :)

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."

The reason why the fish never dream again is not because of his stupid dream, it's because everyone makes him believe that dreaming is stupid. So do not let what others tell you defeated your faith, do not believe that you are destined to be like this, do not settle with a life that you think you are going to groan for the rest of your life. Tell someone proudly what you want to be today, because a lot of people are afraid to say what they want, that's why they don't get what they want. - Madonna

I'm not really good at long post. But I can proudly tell everyone today, I wanna be an editor/writer! :)

p/s you can laugh every grammatical mistake that I made, but that'll be the reason why I insist on it. x)


  1. Chou yueh, nice blog you have! I've always wanted to write but never started because I have too much excuses or lazy, in simple terms. lol. Check out this writer, lots of inspiration and tips on writing.

  2. Hey xy, not sure who are you but thanks for the link. I like it too. :)