Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I have a Down Syndrome aunt.

I have a Down Syndrome aunt. And I never regretted I had her in my life.

When I was small,
I used to hate her, why she always talks so much?
I used to hate her when she refused to accompany me to the kitchen.
I used to hate her, why she has so terrible mood swing?
I used to hate her when she is singing the mother's song, because it sounds so pathetic.

But as she grew older, she started to forget things.
She forgot how to sweep the floor, she forgot how to fold the clothes, she forgot when to go toilet, she forgot how to bathe herself, she forgot how to feed herself, she forgot the way back home and she forgot us. At her early age of 40s, she started laying down in bed for whole day, her muscle shrank and she can't even walk properly anymore.

Me and my sisters started to look after her. I was 17 that time.
I'd feed her when she can't eat properly because she got skinnier and skinnier each day, though sometimes it took up to few hours to just finish one meal. Whenever I'm free, I'd hold her hand and walk around the living room to get her exercise a little because I'm so afraid she might never be able to walk again. She has a very tiny hand, like a kid. There were the good times, but when her condition became worse, I'd bathe her sometimes cos I can't stand on such a stinky person inside the house, but it was my sister who'd bathe her everyday. Bad times comes whenever she needs to go toilet, sometimes my sisters and I were the one who clean it up when my grandmother was away. Sometimes I'd sit beside her and look into her eyes, I wonder what she is thinking, I wonder if she knew her condition but I still couldn't figure it today. Sometimes I'd miss her so much that it makes me cry so badly in the middle of the night.

My dad used to tell us, she is the debt collector that sent by Yama because we owe her too much in the last life.

But I think she is the Angel sent by God, she is watching us carefully, she is testing us, she is giving us an opportunity to do good for her while we don't do that to others. She is the blessing in disguise. Down Syndrome people have a similar face with each other. Whenever I met some outside, I would think of my aunt.

She will always in my mind and having her in my life is the greatest thing happened on me. :)

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