Sunday, April 29, 2012

ING Workshop & BBQ!

Participated in ING workshop yesterday, unfortunately didn't take much pictures of the people because I am more interested in the aluminium foil toy! It was one of the activities that asked us to make a Fantasticat base on our imagination of what our fantastic cat would be. I was planning to make a cat or something, but it ended up like a penguin, so I named it Super Penguin! After the workshop ended, I went to the LC day and we had BBQ. It was totally a great success because I have so much laughter and the most importantly we have no left over. One thing I dislike about BBQ is we always have a lot of left over and have to keep to second day which is not fresh anymore. Too bad I have my camera borrowed to my sister, so my phone is the only gadget I have. It's going to be one of the memories that I miss the most after grad! :)

Super Penguin is ready to fly!

This one sho cute. 

A flat cat. 

Robot cat.

Tiny cat.

They working so hard, well I contribute myself to set up the fire. My favourite in BBQ! 

It wasn't one of the supposed-to-post picture, but no more pictures then I have to choose this. It taste nice, at least I didn't get stomached. :p

BBQ grape?

He always shows his big eyes. Lacking of self picture, well, it's not one of my habit to capture myself too. hehe

This is what happened when food running out. 

Amazingly, it taste shoo nice!

So they started stuffing left over cheese inside the tomato, the only two left ingredients, poor them.

Gaming time! The lovely couple-to-be started get sabotaged to join the games. One have to hold the watermelon by the teeth, then the other one have to finish it at the quickest time. What a nice 'bonding' game. =.='

I was nearly get sabotaged, but I ran away. Cause I'm so not into this kind of game, well, perhaps I'm too picky. :p

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