Thursday, April 19, 2012

Proudly introduce you my crush!

I am so so happy yesterday! It was a long lost feeling, like the world is full of hope again, everything and everyone is so beautiful out of the sudden. I guess I have such a long time never been love! *Shy*

Okay, I wasn't really in a right condition for past few days and you know when you are in a really down mood, you just can't think of anything right. I think I didn't even smile for that few days, it was really depressing days. And because of this down and drowning mood, I have already forgot the guy that I've been thinking of since the semester start. I've been so busy with so many things come at once, surely I don't even bother to think about him. But miracle came at last!

Yesterday, it was a pretty hot day and I was walking out from my hostel to go to the bus stop to catch the earliest bus. I was pretty rush and I don't care how I look, because I need to get to the post office before my class start at 3pm. Luckily, one bus came and as soon as I got up to search for a seat, I saw my friend and I was planning to chat a little bit with her but the seats were all full. I took a glance on the seat behind and I spotted one, the only seat left so I planned to stand so that I can chat with my friend since it's not going to take long too. But it all happened with all that glance! It was that guy sitting beside the seat. I gave up on my friend and heading to the seat right away. >< (I know I'm very evil) It was so hot, I've sweat all the way and I definitely need a seat to cool off. Okay, I know I am very bad. But I'd like to say it was the best decision I have ever made. I think my friend would understand that. :p

All the while I was just looking at him from very very far away, and I don't met him frequently too, I think it's like only twice a month? I don't even know which year, what course is he taking. But he is right beside me! OMG, you have no idea how fast my blood is pumping during that time, I don't even dare to move my leg or hand to make myself comfortable, I just freeze there! Okay, I've tried to calm myself and act like normal so I took out my phone replied few messages, then I freeze again. After my destination is reached, and he stop at the same place with me too, I think I fled away once the bus stopped and don't even dare to turn around to see where he's heading to.

It was completely unexpected. And you know what, I spent the whole day finding myself smiling out of the sudden in the middle of the class and I smile to everyone because I can't hold it, I have to find something to express how happy I am! Since then, my mood got better and even the problems that been bothering me for few days just...vanished! Everything is shooo beautiful!

I am not exaggerating at all, this is truly how I felt. I found love is so important in life. No matter what kind of love it is, friendships, family, or relationships. I mean love is always there, but sometimes it becomes so usual that not everyone can see and feel it. In scientific, it's called saturation point where you have so used to it and it did not get you excited anymore. So, we all need an instant love booster! Like what I've just been through! Haha. But unfortunately, it's something can't control by us isn't it? It's all about destiny. :)

I do not mind who he is at all actually, I don't even expect any more progression. Perhaps at the rest of the months I'm here, I'll see him as my instant love booster and it will always keep me smiling whenever I met him. Who knows one day, maybe the last day at school I'll be brave enough to say thanks to him?

Who knows? x)

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