Sunday, May 20, 2012

Living a life that everyone wants.

Finally I am relief. Perhaps it was because I have done 80 percent of my thesis, perhaps it was because I am ready to face my future now. I was in doubt, I was afraid for my future life, will it turn out what I wish to be? Will I found the work that I love for? But most of the time I am afraid I will get to look down by others about how much money that I earned. I seriously dislike this part of myself, I know how important to not live under other people's perspective, I know how important to find a job that you like but not on the amount of the salary, I know everything, but somehow I still got influenced by the little vanity of myself. =/

But hey, I still haven't go astray though, even though that part of me vigorously wanted everyone to see how successful I am, yet it still wasn't something that I aimed for. Somehow I think writing still my favourite, and the blog that introduced by my friend is really inspiring, I finally find the reason why I have to keep on writing because a writer just cannot not write regardless of the quality of the pieces. It's hard for me to claim myself a writer, because I don't even write everyday. But I do hope that some day people will call me that. It's a long and tough journey, but I think my passion won't fade easily. :)

Three years in university life is pretty amazing. It is really out of my expectation, I always heard my biggest sister said, university is the best part of your life, go enjoy it. I wasn't really know the meaning that time perhaps I was small, I thought enjoying is all about having fun but I was wrong. Enjoying in everything, enjoy in your boring class, enjoy with your annoying friends, enjoy with your tough assignment, enjoy with the sadness, that is, when you learn how to enjoy everything you will slowly learnt that, every challenge is a lesson, lesson to build up yourself and prepare yourself to the world outside. And I think I am ready right now. Though I still couldn't figure it out what kind of job that I'm looking for, but I keep myself open to everything, whatever it is I'll take it as a learning process.

We all can't live our life without purposes. Though you only have one life but that doesn't mean you can't have more than one purpose in life. I have plenty of them, but one of the most important ones that able to keep me moving at every where, is that I wish to lead everyone to a better life. People have so much misconception about better life, money is not everything, better life is not measured by how much you earned or how many things you own. Well, I know everything is about money, but that doesn't mean a poor people cannot enjoy in their life, it is when people started to greed, to ask for more, that is how they learnt not contented, and unhappiness.

It's not really about the money. You might portray yourself as those materialistic people who would happy because you finally bought your dream bag or car, but that won't last long and you will started to ask for more. Money bring happiness because they are easier to achieve but it only makes people more and more greed about their life. So be creative, instead of living a life that everyone wants, why not start looking a life that only you can live in? I'm looking one right now. :)

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