Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Favourite.

Good day. I've been really busy for my thesis, I've been working really hard on it and hopefully it turned out what I hope for. But after thesis rage I guess there is another turning point in my life, which is work. I've read couple of articles about how fresh grads shouldn't expect too much when getting the first job, and frankly speaking I have to agree on it. Often fresh grads do over value themselves, but degree holder is not a scarce resource anymore and what employer really look for an employee is the attitude. It is undeniable that sometimes I would still think myself as a degree holder is at higher standard than those who aren't. But I know how terribly wrong I am because even if you are educated it doesn't mean you are well educated. So stop looking at the superficial surface and the blasted degree certificate, and start thinking about the attitude. People often ignore how important to have the right attitude and correct mindset, or I should say it's not everyone able to realize how our attitude manipulate our life, and yes it's true, it takes time. Some people sleep at night and wake up in the morning, some people sleep at night but never wake up in their life. 

So be always positive, be appreciative, always look at the good side of people, sometimes the world is smaller than you think and the people is more beautiful than you think. 

Embrace everything you have, everything will embrace back to you. 

#1 Favourite Sandal 

#2 Favourite Souvenir 

#3 Favourite Food

#4 Favourite Poem 

#5 Favourite Toy 

#6 Favourite Spec

#7 Favourite Pump

#8 Favourite Smile 

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