Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life is to live no regrets.

So it always happened that way. When you are in your bad day, in your worst condition and then suddenly bump into the guy you always wanted to see the most. I hope there was a hole for me to dig my head in, I hope there was an angel combing my messy hair and I hope it wasn't happened on today. :(

This week is going to be the most hectic week ever. I wasn't a person who can stayed up late until 3 or 4am every day but seriously all the works are driving me nuts and I have no idea how to arrange my priorities anymore. Sacrificing my sleeping time would be the last resort I can use, and tonight would be the other sleepless night. I have never expected that my procrastination would affect me so much, the final year project have really knock me down and hit me up how bad my time management is though I've always know that was one of my weaknesses but I didn't know it had never got better. There was no motivation at all I admitted, knowing why and what you are doing is very important because that is where your energy and power comes from, you have an aim to achieve and you have a goal to pursue, that's what keep you moving. But I have none of this, and whenever I don't know what I'm doing, I'm paying no attention at all, I will have a bad attitude on that matter and I will be dreaded to start it everyday. That's where my procrastination comes from.

And one more bad thing about me, I do regret on things. A lot of times. I don't see it as a bad habit though, because when you regret on things, it means there is a little creepy guilty inside your heart made you realised that you did something wrong and you admitted it truthfully to yourself and others. It's pretty normal that sometimes people would find it hard to admit their mistake, even to themselves. People tend to find an excuse to comfort themselves because at least it makes them feel better and it is suck to doubt yourself. It is indeed suck to feel sorry about ourselves but I figure it out people care much more about their face preservation than self improvement and sometimes it apply on me too. Another reason that I found out it was because you knew you are making a mistake but you are still doing it. It is like smoking, you knew it would cause health problem but you still doing it; it's like taking drugs you knew it is fatal but you are still doing it. These are the mistake that perhaps you admitted, but you made no effort on changing that, until something bad happened. I mean really BAD. Because true regret will only comes when the consequence hitting your turning point in life.

Life is to live no regrets, but people do mistake, and regrets make sure we don't do it again.