Sunday, May 27, 2012

Somewhere over the rainbow.

People always said to be loved, you have to learn to love yourself first.
Being single for almost three years time have really got me thinking, I was unhappy before but I think that's a normal after effect when you are dumped by someone. I hate myself for more than half year, spent time watching heartbreaking movies and tears, camouflaged myself with an attitude that I think I am okay, I guess that is a normal thing in growing up, I guess everyone been there isn't it? I am not really wanted to talk about the past but I am grateful for having this experience, I am thankful for the mistake that I've made which make me become a better me today. And I'm totally proud of this bragging statement. x)

I guess this is not the time yet. I know God has everything plan and He knew when I am ready to accept a new relationship. I don't really care about how many courtship one girl should have because I'd rather have none than having someone annoyed chasing after me. Love is sacred, when you know he is the one then destiny will bring you two together and I always believe that. I am worried once in a while, family and relatives would ask, and there comes the moment of most awkward question ever! I mean who doesn't wants to have a boyfriend who take care of you and always be your side? They always said "Go find one". Oh God, please, if finding one is so easy like you say then I wouldn't be single today. Said is always easier than done. But I am enjoy my single time, at least when I am making a choice on where should I work I don't have so much restriction, at least if I decided to go for a three months trips I won't have to ask someone permission. It has pros and cons but when you decided to look at the pros, it would feel much better.

Woman has a nature that they would sacrifice everything for love. Their priorities always changing and different from time to time. I am the same as other women in this nature as well, I wish I could be more selfish but I couldn't take the risk of losing my love ones even though that means I have to give up on something. Unless the condition comes first that he is the one who is letting go, and that probably not something I can control anymore. But no matter how hurt you are in the past relationship, never lose the faith in love. You can cry out loud as long as you want and as much as you want, as long as you promise yourself you will get to your own feet again and live as happily as you never been. No one is worth for you to wipe out your smile in your face.

There is no coincidence in life, everything happened for a reason.
Maybe somewhere over the rainbow, there is someone who is waiting for you. :)

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