Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A complete contradictory self.

You were once so sure that you don't afraid of making a choice and even if it is a mistake, you say you are going to make them right. But what happened now? You don't even dare to make a move. Perhaps you should take what everyone takes, even if it is something hard you still have everyone else rather than facing it alone, even if the worst happened, you still have an excuse to blame everyone and comfort yourself this is what always happened, even if you had totally failed at the end, people would not be so surprised because it is a path that have been taken all along by everyone. It's pathetic to know that even if you failed, you want to fail commonly.

Just admit that you are a coward. You are afraid of making your own decision. You are not afraid of the future but the consequences of your choice. You always been afraid, you were once afraid that you are the only one who being punished in the class, you were once afraid that being left out in the group so you rather be like someone else. You  afraid of being the only one, the one that everyone look at, the one that everyone would laugh at, and you couldn't bear the shamefulness so you always live ordinary and choose ordinary. By only being the ordinary, you will find the companion, you will find an example, so that you can whisper by yourself: luckily I'm not the only one.

You always said life is full of uncertainties, it doesn't always go along with what had planned. So what make you so sure that you will definitely failed with your own choice? What had happened on other people doesn't mean the same thing will happened on you, there is always an exception, how do you know you are not the one? Oh because it wasn't what people always do and you don't have a reference to follow so you think this is going to be very hard? I thought you said you want to leave a legacy for others, if you are so afraid of going through the hard time how are you going to create your own reference and leave for others? You say you love challenges but now you prefer something easy? You are completely contradiction!

Have faith on yourself, stop looking at others, life is all yours, whatever it is, make sure you won't regret when you are old. You said you don't think regret is a bad thing, you said people are never too old to dream again. But when you are old, you will have burdens, you might be illed, you will not move as fast as right now, your body will develop some pains and aches that consider as normal at your age, do you think your regret will give you any chance to change again? Of course, you can dream at any age, but the older you get the more you have to forgo because of your dream.

Let it be hard, let it be failed, let it be odd, let it be special. Just make sure you make your own choice.

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