Saturday, June 9, 2012

Eyes never lied.

Do you actually believe that some people like to live within lies? I found out recently that there are a lot people in this world are no fond of honesty life at all. I mean they don't intentionally create a lie but they ignored things that gone wrong around them. I thought everyone should like people to be honest, I have been honest for my whole life well, more precisely for nearly 23 years, I have never cheated my own feeling and so basically, I know when I like something or dislike something. Can you imagine that some people don't even know how they feel, that's pathetic and what even worse is that, everyone knows it but only you, who is the only person in this whole world haven't realised and what comes the worst, you are denying it. Perhaps, I made too much assumption. I shouldn't have assumed so much about people. Life is indeed a big adventure to discover, something that you hold up so tight as your principle for so many years and at the end you found out others live against it. I am not an extreme person who do not allowed any single lie in my life, I do lie sometimes especially when I don't feel like doing I'd just simply find an excuse, but when it comes to relationship between people, it's not right anymore if you keep on lying with each other, it's not even a true relationship isn't it? Okay, maybe a client doesn't need so much of your honesty for your business sake but it also reflects you as a person how you live your own life. If you don't sincere toward your life, how do you expect life to be sincere to you? Don't you feel it's miserable to tell something that in fact not true, and most importantly it was not from your heart? Perhaps it has been a norm, people have created so many masks that they have so used to it, they just know what mask they should use when facing different people. It's one of the way to protect themselves too, perhaps people are just too weak to break.

But one thing that I am sure about people that living under lies is that, they are very forgetful. Extremely. They would not remember what you have said to them or either what they have said to you because it wasn't from their heart so they say it just to make you feel good about them. Imagine when someone you met compliment how pretty you are but at the next meet up, he doesn't recognise you at all so how would you feel about that person? Or put into another way round, if people do remember a little move that you made, a little things that you said, how would you feel? It's a nice feeling isn't it? I always have a bad feeling about forgetful people, it was not a nature, it was an attitude on how he sees things in life.

Ever since I was a child, I have this gift that I always remember people face, I could easily recognise people no matter how much they changed because I always believe that eyes never changed and never lied. Perhaps I don't always remember things that people said but I always remember what I said, cause it's a symbol of sincerity of your heart toward everything. If I ever forgot something I said, from there you can clearly see that I didn't mean that at all. I did struggled with this weird trait during my secondary schools time, but often what I got at the end was disappointment. So I tried to change, I tried to ignore things around me and I even tried to pretend I forgot what people said to me even if I do remembered it clearly in my mind. It was a pretty tough time, but lucky I managed to catch it back when I enter university. I was lucky, cause I believe I am not the only one who have this problem and sometimes they have became someone else that there is no way to turn it back anymore.

So be sincere and honest to everyone, even though they don't appreciate you at the first place but they will definitely realised it when the time has come. If they didn't, it's just yet to be. Don't hurry up the process, because God has the plan for everything. :)

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