Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How could you not love Penang?

I went to the Georgetown for the whole day today, to catch for the art works that everyone been talking recently. I love Penang, I love the oldness that never faded. I remember once the PM from Singapore said about Penang, he said Penang never changed since the last time he came 20 years ago, I don't quite remember the details, it sounds like sarcasm which criticizing the development of Penang for the past 20 years. I thought what he said was true but deep inside myself still seeing Penang as the best tourism place in Malaysia, I just can't find the reason to object his points. But I do now, I finally found out the reason behind.

I grew up in the small district that looks almost like Penang, I live in my grandfather old woods house, the only property that he left for us. I don't have a room of myself, looking at my brother and sisters, asking for an extra room is too luxury for my family. I sleep with my parents and one of my sister, and my other siblings sleep in the other small room. I have the best childhood time ever. Some days I would wake up early in the morning to follow my grandmother to the temple right behind my house but sometimes we would go to market first then only drop by the temple. It was 15mins long walk to the market, and consider my grandmother speed I think it was even longer. I always follow behind her back, and I always wonder why can't she walk faster, is it very hard to walk faster? Of course I never talk to her like that, I don't really ask things like that when I was small. I don't have tiled floor in my house that time, it was all pure tar. But it was the best thing ever because of it coolness. I remember whenever I played so hard outside, I would take off my shirt and straight lie down on the floor once I came back, the best feeling ever! I was less than seven year old, I don't even have boobs yet that time. 

But my house was really old, cause everywhere is dripping whenever it's raining, so that's why I hate so much about raining when I was small. My parents spent all the time at the restaurant and often it's only me and my sisters left in the house so whenever the water is coming inside from the drain in front of our house, we would run to get a lot of clothes and rags to cover the crack under the door. And we would look outside from the window and pray to God please stop the rain/please don't rain, there is a phrase we always used and we would repeat it countless times, sometimes until the rain stopped. Rainy days was a nightmare to me in my early childhood. But the house are gone right now, because we have been renovated it twice since I was in standard three. I have almost forgotten how it looked like, I miss the smell of the woods, especially during early in the morning, I love the morning breeze, it always so cool and refreshing. 

How good will it be if today when I back home I can still feel the morning breeze and coolest tarred floor in my house, of course this time with my shirt on. LOL! I don't have to run into another places just to catch back those feeling, what kinda place could be better than your own grew up house? So it is good if Penang maintained in this way, nowadays everything have been commercialize even one packet of nasi lemak have their own business number on it. Where can we find the nostalgia moments and memories if everything have to be on par with the world development? Globalization would not be a debatable issue today if we found our own way of living. But I know sometimes it is not a matter of choice, sometimes we are forced to make the move in order to keep ourselves survive. 

Took plenty of the photos about the wire works and the most recent painting walls in Georgetown. I would definitely miss this place. 

Missed couple of art works due to the time constraint cause the sky was getting dark. Look at these pictures, how could you not love Penang? x)

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