Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What is life if without food?

I just had the most unpalatable dish on earth yesterday. I am not really picky on food, cause I don't really like to waste food, it is either I don't order at all or once I order I will finished it. But the food yesterday is so disgusting that I have to break my rules.

It even looks terrible. I think the egg has been fried and left for many hours cos it's cold. :S

Some more found this in the chicken. I don't blame him cos I understand how it stuck there. =.=

I went to my friend's bro restaurant at Butterworth later on and I ordered as much as I can to compensate my loss. Don't call me diet freak okay? I eat a lot, I exercise to lose weight but not by not eating. It is impossible for me to resist something that I love to eat, unless I don't feel like eating at all, that's another matter. 

I forgot all the names cos I didn't recognize by name but by picture so I love menu with picture. Hehe

Pictures below are taken last few times my friend brought me to different places to taste different western foods, my friend so good right?(cos I'm leaving soon!) And seriously western food in Penang are very cheap, cheap and nice! 

I pray for the haze to disappear on next week, I know it has been pretty serious in whole Malaysia. I wish to have a nice photograph session in Georgetown before I leave here, how could I capture nice view with such a thick haze? Blame Indonesia, God, please rain!

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