Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I'm good by myself.

It's nearly the end for my university life and I feel so not ready to go, to leave this place. The room that was once made me cry so hard in the first week, the lecturer hall, the DK foyer, the cafe, the route that I always walk to class and etc. Guess we will never get ready to leave unless we have to, because time is up and there is another phrase of life waiting for us. It is going to be very challenging, it is going to be very hard, we all know that but when it happened, it always out of the expected feeling. Perhaps that's life, no matter how much you are told to get ready, you will never cause you never been there and how you suppose to know how will it feels? How you gonna know how hard is it to live your own in the real word, adapt to a completely new environment and new people? How to prepare something we never experienced before? I don't do expectation setting because I know life is all about unexpected. What I can do is follow everything that comes, be always acceptance and be always open.

I started carry around with my camera, cause I know only picture could catch the most wonderful moment in life and most importantly, it never fade.

I am not gonna miss the people because if leaving never comes, we will never get to appreciate each other. It's weird that I never missed about friends, I don't go do the calls or chats to maintain the relationship because I know a true relationship shouldn't be affected by distance and time. No matter how far you are apart, no matter how long you haven't been contact, if you do care about each other, when you meet again, it will feels like you never been apart. It's sad that I never have a friend like this, perhaps it has to be a mutual feeling, only when you both care about each other the relationship will only last. I don't feel it's pity for not having friends like this, because it's not everyone have the luck to have one and yeah, my luck wasn't quite there yet but I'm good by myself. Yet I do hope to meet someone who can be my long lasting mate as well as my friend. :)


  1. Wishes you all the best for your future..=)

  2. Nurture your friendship :)