Saturday, June 30, 2012

Last day in Penang.

The last day of June I'm gonna post the last day that I was in Penang.

My friend took few of us to the seafood stall that nearby her house, at Tanjung Bunga. And it was amazingly good, and the price are reasonable too. You know in tourism places like Penang, the wicked local tend to cheat non local like us, especially girls, they charged extra prices just because we are tourists(we consider tourist I guess). But the people from the stall giving us a very good service and telling us the price of each dishes that we ordered. I don't really mind the prices because it's seafood, I have expected it to be quite expensive and some more she helped us calculate how much do we need to pay one person. LOL! She is too honest! But in a good way.

The sky is so nice that I just have to take few pictures of it. Plus, I'm leaving in less than 5hours. :(

This dog sleep so tight that he don't even bother to move when I go nearer. I think he slept until we leave. 

 The other dog that joining, is it so nice to sleep on sand? I bet so. =.=

 It was nearly sunset when we are leaving. Can't believe my friend just living in front of this sea view, I swear I would wake up every morning and have a sip of coffee in front of the balcony. But condominium in Penang just too expensive. :S

We went to this famous stall to have our desserts. Unfortunately tang yuan is not my stuff. :p

Funny thing is when I speak Mandarin with the stall owner, I feel myself like an alien, cause she only spoke Penang Hokkien, I understand Hokkien but I don't know how to pronoun. I gave up asking right away. :S 

I am home now. Currently working for my project, my 100 days challenge. Thanks for reading. x)

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