Monday, July 9, 2012

C'est la vie

Nothing worth having comes easy.

I kept reminded myself of this sentence. It is all worth to wait, it's okay if it is taking a little longer, it will be worthwhile at the end but I still prepare for the worst coming in. It's my old habit, always prepare solution for problems that could possibly occurred and for those that I never expected, I keep my heart open and be ready to accept any consequences. As I always believe everything will have its own way to solve, as I always believe as long as there is a will, there always a way. I think it is normal to think that all I need was just an opportunity, an opportunity to prove to others I can, an opportunity for me to shine on. But I always think that life shouldn't just about proving others what you can, but to prove to yourself. Because if it wasn't you are unsure about your own capability you would't need people approval, if it wasn't because you are not confident to who you are, you wouldn't need people recognition. But my question is, if you never get recognized, could you still be confident?

I haven't get an answer yet. I have never met the kind of people who kept rejected but still confident as who he is, if there is any, he must be a very special person, and perhaps I can get an answer from him. Sometimes I think social stigma determined how you live, most of the people in this world afraid of how the society look at them, I am no doubt one of them, I am afraid of if today I am working as a cashier in a supermarket with my degree qualification, what my friend would think about me? What my relatives would say about my parents? What level would the society categorize me? I seriously hate categorizing people but it is a phenomena that have been lasted for century, by generation to generation, kids learnt from adults and pass down to the next. It cannot be erased, even you alone do not think people that way. Of course, I do respect every job and every industry, I'm just couldn't understand why people couldn't live equally, why must there a high class, middle class and lower class categories. Why lower class don't deserved the same opportunity as the higher one, why people use grade and level to judge a person capability.

But I guess this is life. You can't control people thought, you can't decide people choices. Everyone is pursuing a successful life, it's just a matter of how you define the successful life.  

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