Thursday, August 2, 2012

51 days passed, 49 days left!

It is officially the 51st day.

It is time to update my 100days challenge. It is indeed very tough, consider I never done any portrait sketching I guess I have improved a lot. Well, I still failed to do my own portrait and that is my ultimate goal of this challenge but so far, I am satisfied with my works and moving toward for another 49 days before it ended. I have done few celebrity sketching, seriously celebrity with very well formed features are the easiest ones to draw, perhaps that is the reason why I failed to draw myself. =/

Katy Perry 

Amanda Seyfried

Megan Fox

Audrey Hepburn 

Of course, these few drawing wasn't produce consecutively and I have failed in drawing few other celebrity too. There are still flaws everywhere in the drawing because I only started 50 days ago and I don't acquire any drawing skills. I searched a lot of Youtube videos then only realised how poor my skills is because they draw without using much of the eraser, and some of them used 8 hours to produce one drawing! That is really long! From there you can know how much effort they have put in and how perfect their work are. The longest I used is only 5 hours and it is really exhausted after you complete one, imagine you have used your eyes and focus for five hours without resting, I can't even study one hour continuously but it is truly very satisfying when you look at your work, when you know you finally achieved something. 

I guess this is the sense of achievement that I am talking about all the time, an achievement that do not need to be recognized and you just know that you are moving, you are improving, and prove to yourself that you actually good at should say it proves that as long as you willing to work hard on something you want, you will achieved it eventually. This is one of the forms that I used to boost up my confidence especially at this period, I can't live without a goal, I hate the feeling of being useless so a short term goal suit me perfectly fine. I guess I am just too self critical. :p

Your comments are highly appreciated. Thanks for reading. :)

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