Sunday, August 12, 2012

I do not believe in wrong choices, I only believe in wrong attitude.

There are always thousands negative way of thinking about one thing, but when you decided to take on the positive side, life will always easier for you. But sometimes a lot of outer factors that drive us toward the negative side, especially the people surrounding you who do not show support on your choices, who comments badly on your behavior, and it is even more heartbreaking that when people told you you have chose wrong. But what's wrong about choosing the wrong way? So you are unhappy right now because of the choices you made? You don't get what you want with the hard work you paid is because of the choice you made too? You have lots of difficult problems and obstacles so you blame on your own choice as well? I do not believe in wrong choices, I only believe in wrong attitude.

You can be happy if you see everything from the beautiful side, you can get what you want if you persistent enough, you can solve the problems if you take them as a lesson in life. We always have choices to make, whether to have coffee or tea in the morning, or should I have pasta or rice at lunch, or should I take cab or bus to go home, and sometimes we even have more than just two choices. Same goes to our mind, it is depends on how we see things through our eyes, and which you decide to stay on.  You can go around with the bad thought endlessly, drowning yourself in the negative cavity and face your every new day with gloomy mood, or you can start notice every little things that happened surrounding you, maybe a smile from a waiter today have made your heart lighter, maybe you found an empty car park on a heavy traffic Sunday in a shopping mall, if you see it from a bigger scale, you'd find you are so lucky to have someone who cook your favourite dishes for you everyday, you'd find you are so lucky to have parents even though they nag so much, and I believe there is a lot more good thing that happening around you, it is all your choice on how you think about them.

Sometimes I wish to have positive friends around me but unfortunately I am not as lucky as other parts in my life, relationship always a hole in my heart. I hope someone fill it soon.

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