Sunday, August 26, 2012

Luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

I know I should write more, even if just talk nonsense or ordinary things, I should keep writing too.

I finished the book "Before I go to sleep" today, I bought it last Thursday during the trip to KL for interview, I'd finished all my books thought buying another would be a good choice to fill my free time during this period. It was indeed a breathtaking book, as soon as I read the first few pages I know I couldn't stop reading it. I like the writing style of the author, she did not use too complicate words or sentences to confuse the readers but it is rather simple and straight forward. So that is why I can finished it within two days. If a book interested me I usually spend around two days to finish it, if it's boring I'd take up 2 - 3 weeks time. I'd suspected that my reading speed have been improved and also my guessing skill too. Sometimes if there are so many unknown words the author used in one sentence, I just couldn't guess it right what is the meaning. Perhaps I was too stubborn before, I insisted to check dictionary every words that I don't know because I want to learn, I have to know how to use it. But I am letting go right now, because even if I checked it I couldn't remember it because there are so many words I do not know, it is useless. I'd rather keep reading more and more books, the more often you see one words then you gradually recognize them and know their meanings. Whenever I read, I would imagine myself publishing a book one day, but I would not write fiction but true story. A true story happened around me or I would write mine so that I can create an ending for myself, an ending that I want in my life.

But most of the time I am waiting, I haven't been practice and I don't see my improvement at all but I am waiting for an opportunity to come, perhaps someone would notice and ask me to write an article. But opportunity only turn to people who had been prepared, was I prepared? I always have a thought that when the moment come I'll be improved, I'll be different but why haven't I improve and be different right now? Why would I still waiting and doing nothing? I like a dreamer, a dreamer who do not take action. I know the feeling of being regretted for not preparing well to meet opportunity, because I had before, a lot of times but still, I kept the same attitude. I am no different with the kind of people who wants something so badly but never put effort to achieve it. So I want to change it now. I do not hope to waste another few years more to wait for my skills to get better but do nothing at all.

I have a dream right now. And I am doing something.

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