Saturday, November 17, 2012

Love yourself each day.

Life has been really good to me. I met great people everyday, everywhere. I have never been so appreciate and feel so blessed that I've been giving this life. But I guess it is normal if God knew there were still a little me that sighing for things that I have yet gotten. I hope there is someone that could share a life like this with me, a person that I would want to tell him everything, share every bits of my encounter everyday, a person that makes me happy and love for the way I am, a person that I would call him love.

I guess love wasn't a thing that I would be able to picture of, though waiting is not a solution but I believe in fate more than everything else. Being single is not my choice, but I never wanted to rush into a relationship just because I am single long enough instead I am learning loving myself more and more each day. Though be yourself just a cliche that people always used, but I am reminding myself everyday to just be me, do something that make myself feel good, stay true to myself. While self-doubting is still living inside part of me now but I am conquering it everyday, I found the more I practice the shorter time I used, the better I felt. As much as I believe in faith, I do believe in God too. I know he is watching me somewhere and he will know when I am ready, to love again.

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