Sunday, March 24, 2013

The hope.

If life don't treat you well and everything you do is not going with the way you wanted, if your life is defeating you now, don't give up.

Indeed at this moment I feel my life suck, but only if I allowed myself to feel that way. That'd probably because you don't see the reason why is this all happening, you only see the what instead of the why behind. But hold on tight, no matter what are the things you going through, no matter how terrible the feeling you have, the world might have abandoned you but hold on tight, these are the challenges you have to face, a war that you have to keep fighting til the day when all passed, you will look back and smile with glory.

Life ain't all suck, I was happy but at this moment I only can reminisce the moments that I was happy. So I can't conclude my life now just because I feel miserable. Time is the best healing machine, right now you just have to be patient and wait for the storm passed and rainbow is coming its way. Though you never learn how to dance in the rain but at least you could be patient, be calm and be faithful, to believe that good days are coming.

Giving up is not my nature, though I may sound exaggerating pessimistic sometimes, but those just words that I used to express my disappointment so don't conclude me I am giving up. Everyone is acting the same way, no matter how disappointed they get, they still hope and I am still hoping too.

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